Meet Wendy the woodland pixie! Wendy enjoys playing with fox pups, collecting acorns and playing hide and seek with the local rabbits. Wendy is a bit shy but loves to explore the beauties of nature. She is also great at getting around the woods in the most effective way possible, Wendy really is quite the navigator.

Equip with her woodland friends, Wendy frolics around the forest collecting rocks and mushrooms and greeting her friends as she passes. Her earth toned romper makes for great camouflage when she’s playing hide and seek and she even made herself accessories with some fallen leaves. Her face is softly glittered with gold and mossy greens that help her hide amongst the fallen leaves and morning dew.

Do you want to be a woodland pixie this Halloween? Earth tones are your friend, gather up some green, tan, brown and even burnt orange clothes. Cut up leggings and tie them up into some cool intricate designs to add some flair. Use scrap pieces to wrap around your hands or arms for extra accents. Apply neutral makeup with soft gold accents or even spice it up and use glitter to make yourself extra ethereal. Take it a step farther and add feathers, tried and leaves to your hair style and have some fun with it!

Spooktober Continues,
The Style Astronaut