Let’s get into some horror during this spooktacular season of blood and gore. Let’s dive in with a feminine version of Freddy Krueger! Sans fedora so bring whatever hair do you want to life, and don’t forget your glam side. Regardless, shes coming to get you in your dreams, and theres no running from her, so you better watch out.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you, Three, Four, better lock your door…I did a half face of burn scars using reds, pinks, browns and an eyebrow pencil and highlighted the areas around them to look like they were multidimensional. I then added a glam eye look with similar colors to bring that femme element into effect, I also paired the whole look with a iridescent dark brown liquid lip. Threw on the classic Red and grey stripes, although in a more trendy cardigan form for Femme Freddy. Pulled my hair down and tousled it a bit to bring out a little crazy vibe.

Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut