Bringing it back to the old days when wenches walked about, cobblers were afoot and sword forging was all the rage. A medieval time where folk lore of mythical creatures was to be talked of often. Today we bring you Lady Fawna, a Shape shifter, in rare form.

She is known to lure you in and put you under her spell. She loves to dance the day away until there’s no music left. Just don’t look at her feet, she’s not partial to that and will run away from you.

Do you want to become a deer lady for Halloween? Grab a pair of antlers or make them yourself, I snagged mine at a bargain at my local Walmart, and fixate them in your hair as you please. I used a red wig to go with my red dress and added a black under bust corset to break up the look a bit.


The makeup was a combination of some colored contouring and some white and brown freckles to really bring the deer look to life. I added a small nose and filled in my top lip with black to create a more fawn-esk look. I went for a bit more of an exaggerated wing shape and added a few pseudo-bottom lashes. Added some glitter for good measure and you’re a mystical creature.

Spooktober Continues,
The Style Astronaut