It’s getting cold, so why not warm up with your local fire pixie? I hear they are pretty good at manipulating fire in pretty ways. Today you are meeting Lola the fire pixie!

When I think about pixies, a few things that come to mind are flowy garments, angles and asymmetrical clothing. I took some inspiration from those and cut up a few pieces to create this look. This is a simple costume that just takes some scissors and a few minutes.

I planned out cutting up a t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants and adding accessories afterward. I cut the shoulders out of the top, and also cut the bottom into a v shape. I cut a grid type pattern into the thigh areas of the yoga pants and then added a pocket belt over top of that. I threw my hair up in space buns and added some fake freckles to my face, as well as a fake septum ring that I made out of some wire I had on hand.

Finished this look off with my fire fans! Only play with fire under proper supervision with a safety in place. Stay safe!

Spooktober continues,
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