Quick and easy costume, great for any masquerade parties that might pop up. Grab a friend and dress similarly to confuse your friends as twin jesters. The mask gives you a bit more freedom to be a little more in your face with your character and have some fun with it by playing some tricks.


The costume consists of some striped clothing, any striped or patterned black and white clothing will suffice. Accessorize with a mask of your choice, and anything else you see fit. Carry a basket of treats while your twin friend plays tricks on your friends. Tilt you head ever so slightly every time someone tried to decipher who is who in the situation and startle your friends with the mystery.

This costume was provided to me by The What Collective and the masks were hand made by an artist on their team. The top and shorts are from a brand called Harmonic Threads, who specialized is flow type apparel.

Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut