Do you want to dazzle your friends and light up a room all at once? This is a great costume to do just that, a morph suit essentially covered in small reflective tiles that simulate the look and aesthetic of a discoball! Just make sure to remember to windex yourself before you head out, just like a regular mirror, these tiles show fingerprints like no other.

Paired with black sneakers and black gloves to finish off the look, you are ready to go! This particular costume pictures has eye holes, so if you want the completely faceless look, wear a pair of goggles underneath to really tie the look together. Or you can make it creepy and add some fun contacts to spice it up.

This costume was provided by Iexperia, I am unsure of the origin of the costume itself but was told it was custom ordered online. So if you are looking for this specific mirror suit, I suggest some googling may be in order.

Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut