Do you love and miss Sailor Moon and her sailor scouts!? Well now is the perfect time to tune into that and become one yourself! Choose your planet and colors and get ready to fight by the power of the moon!

If you can’t pull together the whole costume, you have a few options. There’s printed dresses and bodysuits that can base your costume that you can easily find online. And if your a little more crafty you can make it yourself. If you are going the DIY route you will need either all the correct colored fabric or a few base pieces.


If you are using base pieces, snag a white leotard, a pleated skirt in the color you chose, and some coordinating fabric to make the bows and sailor cape. Grab some gloves and add the correct trim as needed. Don’t forget to make your choker out of some ribbon and your tiara out of foam, painted accordingly.

Fight like a girl!

Spooktober continues,
The Style Astronaut