Back again with another costume you can alter to fit your needs. If you closet is eccentric enough, you might be able to pull this right out of a drawer or off a hanger and throw together the perfect illusion without even spending any dough! Grab all your favorite complimentary patterns and let’s get weird! You can even choose your own color scheme, may it be monochromatic, a color scale, rainbows, glitter, metallics, whatever makes you happy!

Become an optical illusion this Halloween with a mix of patterns! In this look I paired a set of split Stars and Stripes leggings with coordinating arm warmers, a black bodysuit, black corset and a diamond print masquerade mask. This look can be more scary if you add a weapon of choice and some fake blood and take it in a Purge direction. But you can also keep it light hearted and switch out the mask for a hat of sorts. You can also choose different patters to mix to create your own illusion.

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut

Photos by Tori Sviokla Photography