Sending yourself into a distant future might seem like the best bet lately. Since we aren’t quite there yet with the tech that allows us to do so, then I guess this next look will just have to do. Bringing you some future cyberspace babe vibes with this look that will give you the option to have an easy, quick and cozy look for any spooky event you might have coming up.

I paired my Blackmilk clothing space print snuggle suit with a pair of my most comfortable stompy boots from Dollskill. Paired that with a pair of visor sunglasses to give that future vibe and added in some green to my side braids and a long curly clip in pony for added drama. I kept it simple with the makeup look, for a more cyber future vibe with some strategically places cuircut lines, a large wing and lots of highlighter. You can add as many accessories as you want to this to make it your own, like silver or black fingerless gloves, some harness sets, a weapon holster, a ray gun, some armor, an alien companion, anything that goes with the look you are creating! Have fun with it and make sure you make it back to the future!

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut