Tis the night before christmas eve, and all through the house, my kitten is running and batting his mouse. Fairy lights twinkling, hung year around, in hopes that the extra lighting will prevent me from hitting the ground. Snug in a kigu, all nestled in bed, with visions of fun activities dancing in my head. When from the kitchen comes such a clatter, I spang to my feet to see whats the matter. Low and behold my kittens guilty little face, sitting beside a shattered plate.

This happens more often than not, with a new kitten around still learning what to bat and what not. As much as he is a little bit of a snot, he manages to snuggle his way right back into my heart. With cuddles that seem endless and silly noises a plenty, this kitten of mine often causes a frenzy. From chewing on my hair, to hiding in cardboard boxes, and scaling everything and anything he can manage.

My mischievous little Boba, all snuggled in bed, with visions of tuna dancing in his little kitten head. I will admit I have turned into quite the cat mom, from the endless photos to not being able to talk about much else but him. Getting a kitten again has been such an adventure, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Realizing that christmas eve is tomorrow and this year barely feels like it is even the holiday season at all.

This will be the first year I won’t be traveling west for the holidays, and it seems so odd to know that for the first time since as long as I can remember I won’t be in Vegas for Christmas and New Years. Traditions aside, there is always room for new traditions and more fun to be had year after year. So here is to making new memories and spending time with some of my east coast collective. Sending love and fun times to all my west coast crew, have all the fun we would be having together ten fold, and don’t forget to send me pictures!


With Christmas about to pass, and new years just around the corner, Let me know what you want to see before the year is over and what you want to see in the new year as well! Comment below, tweet me @styleastronaut, dm me on Instagram @styleastronaut, #styleastronaut. I love your input & feedback, so keep it coming!


Happy Holidays

The Style Astronaut