I recently had the pleasure of getting to shoot in one of Jaina Cipriano’s wonderland-esque sets for her ongoing art project, and it was such a blast. Jaina creates all these extraordinary sets in her studio space to bring you into a world of her making. This project has many names, This Nameless Project and The Garden being the most prevalent. When you go into shoot in the garden, you receive a script of sorts that gets you into the vibe of the set you might be working in that day. There are a few different story line types that you might be channeling into for this shoot and its written in just the way that you can create the emotions almost effortlessly. She advises to show up in wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable and that could double as your “cartoon character outfit”, I showed up with a bag of costume changes and we chose a few different looks together once we started shooting. I learned that I’d be a cartoon character with a large wardrobe of really EXTRA options, as opposed to the usual same 10 outfits in the closet character. It made for a fun adventure through her set, the story behind them and the vibe she sets for the shoot overall. I had a wonderful time and really love the magic she creates in and out of the camera for everyone to enjoy!

Here are a few of the shots from my time in the garden:



Jaina is having a gallery showcase starting on January 26th at Gallery 55 in Natick, MA! So if you would like to see The Garden in person definitely head on over and buy a ticket to experience her art for yourself!

If you’d like to support the artist in another way, head on over to her Patreon page and get neat prints and trinkets for your pledges!

Photos by Jaina Cipriano in “The Garden”

Wardrobe styling, hair and makeup provided by Pengwar [me]

Green Fur Coat : Current Mood Clothing/Dollskill

Boots : Demonia

Holographic Halter bodysuit : Pengwar

Star Tights : Primark

Curls : Numi 1 inch barrel wand

Lipstick : LA Splash Cosmetics

Eyeshadow : BH Cosmetics 120 color palette



Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut