Grab your most voluminous gown, a corset, big hair, and a waist coat to bring together a Marie Antoinette inspired look that will leave you wanting cake. This is a great squad costume if you want to be a queen or princess with her band of ladies in waiting.

I paired a pink ruffled cupcake gown with a white lace corset, a cream waistcoat and a grey wig. Kept the makeup simple and took to the woods. This gown was part of a friends wardrobe that she was lovely enough to let me borrow, but you can also hit a thrift store and finagle some old prom dresses or gowns into something that could work for your look. You can also add petticoats under not as voluminous skirts to create the same silhoette, using corsets to bring in the waist area of you look really helps accentuate the areas you want to look more dramatic. You can easily take this look in a few different directions with a few accessories, like add some gears and send it into a steampunk direction, add a pair of goggles and a lab coat and you’ve got some victorian mad scientist vibes going on, and you can always go the undead route but adding some blood and other FX elements. Have fun and create a look all your own!

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut

Photos by Elizabeth Rose