With the cold, wet, possibly snowy weather coming up this season, I’m sure that you want to keep your toes as warm and dry as possible. So today we talk boots, and not just fashion boots but also functional, waterproof, and durable boots. I will admit that winter boots that will actually keep your feet warm and dry often tend to be a bit of an investment piece, but if taken care of well, they will last you a few winters.


So we start with my personal favorite, MoonBoots. I have owned a few pairs over the years and can vouch that as long as you wear them in their weather intended conditions, they will last you a long time. I beat up my last few pairs but both of them lasted a few years before I had to put them to bed. My current pair, were actually a christmas present from my Mom, so thanks mom! They are the Limited Edition Technica Stormtrooper Moon Boot. Needless to say, I am stoked and can’t wait for it to snow enough for me to strut around in these bad boys. The pairs I’ve had in the past have been from the same originals line, so I know that they hold up well and are worth the money to invest in them for the winters to come.


Second, as ‘basic’ and ridiculed as they might be, Uggs are on my list of recommendations. I have had a few pairs of the original style over the years and they never fail to keep my toes nice and toasty. I usually wear them around my house, but and definitely guilty of wearing them out on errands when its dry and chilly out. I try my best not to wear them in the snow or rain, since that will usually end up discoloring them in some way, unless you’ve gone out of your way to get them water proofed. ¬†They have come out with a few waterproof styles now that are currently on sale that I have been looking at. The style I am particularly drawn to at first glance is their waterproof wedges in the style ‘Emalie’ in black. I am hoping to see them go on sale a bit more so I can get my hands on them. They look like a nice mix of comfort and functionality that can be passed off as professional with dresses and tights/leggings or even dress pants in the correct cut.


Last, but definitely not least I have to mention the ever trusty, Doc Marten! These leather boots will last you for years, they form to your foot while they protect you from the elements. These boots come in many heights and colors and I have had my two pairs of black boots, a pair of 8 eye and a pair of steel toe 14 eyes. I personally bought both of my pairs off ebay, one pair was band new and the other was lightly worn, both pairs still formed flawlessly to my feet ever time. I do suggest wearing them out in the rain if you are trying to get them to fit better when you first purchase them. I often wear larger socks with my pairs to give myself some extra cushion.  They are a few of the most durable pairs of shoes that I own and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for boots that will last them years. Despite the process of breaking them in, they are so worht the money in the long run.


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Stay Stylish,

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