I got some great feedback on my base layers post yesterday, so I figured I would do a little round up of more things I use to keep myself warm in the winter! Now that you all know about HEATTECH from Uniqlo.com, that will be your base layer. From there I usually plan out my outfits with a set of either fleece lined tights or fleece lined leggings!

Fleece lined leggings and tights used to be my base layer, prior to discovering HEATTECH, now they are an even cozier layering piece. The fleece lining keeps you extra snuggly with or without HEATTECH. So if you can’t quite get your hands on HEATTECH, or its out of your price range, fleece lined leggings and tights are your next best bet at a lower price point.

Places to find:
Fleece lined leggings
Fleece lined tights

Next up on my list of essentials, would have to be scarfs. A split between my two favorites, my circle scarf from American Apparel, and my blanket scarf from The Gap. Both have a multitude of ways to wear them, and have with out a doubt kept me extra warm.

Links to:
Circle Scarf
Blanket Scarf

To pair with either of those scarfs, gloves and beanies find themselves tucked into coat pockets and handbags. I usually gravitate toward fingerless gloves, or those “touchscreen gloves” that you can use your phone with, but I also have a pair of fleece lined neoprene gloves for those extra cold days when I feel like I don’t have hands once I step outside. I have, what feels like, a collection of beanies in multiple colors, brands and styles, but I almost always gravitate toward either a black or grey one to top off my outfit when needed.

Links to:
TouchScreen Gloves
Fingerless gloves
Fleece lined neoprene gloves

Of coarse, I’m going to touch on jackets and coats, because when it gets below zero you will without a doubt need them. I have an odd array of coats and jackets, being from a warmer climate, I didn’t really know what to expect when I came to a place where snow was inevitable. I started with, what seemed to me to be “heavy coats”, which ended up being more of a fall jacket as I later discovered.

So I upgraded to my, for lack of a better descriptive term, puffy coat. It hits at about my knees, has 2 velour lined zipper pockets, a hood that can be snapped into a puffy collar, a nice big zipper closure down the front, and a interlocking elastic belt around the waist. The silhouette is reminiscent of an A line dolly dress, volume included. It did a great job at keeping me warm last winter and I’m hoping it does the same this winter as well!

Places to find:
Puffy coat

Can’t forget cozy socks! Between lounging around the house in fuzzy socks, and layering up thigh high socks and leg warmers for those out door adventures, wool socks are definitely my go to for inside my snow boots. They keep my feet extra toasty, and are nice and thick, so they don’t let the cold in or the heat out! I recently got a double pack pair from Primark, that are patterned and basically “fashion wool socks” I quite enjoy pairing them with my Doc Marten’s on rainy days to keep my feet cozy.

Where to find cozy socks:
Last but not least, hot teas, hot chocolates, fluffy blankets, and great company! The winter is only as bearable as you make it, so surround yourself with great friends, and hot beverages. Always have a warm, fuzzy blanket on hand for optimal comfort and stay cozy! Got questions, leave a comment below or tweet me @styleastronaut, tag me in your coziest Instagram @styleastronau #styleastronaut and don’t forget to follow me on social media!

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